MIT Theater Arts

Costume Design

Designing costumes for characters in plays and doing period research. For my final project I researched Victorian era women's undergarments and produced a life size model of a corset and pannier pair.

Lighting Design

Creating moodboards, renderings and lighting plots for plays & scenes. Executing lighting designs using the ETC Ion light board.

My moodboard and a photo from the performance of the band Occurrence I designed the lighting for in a group of 3

My moodboard for the song "The Joy Ripper" by Occurrence and a photo from the performance.

My moodboards and a rendering for Mud by Maria Irene Fornes.

lighting 7.jpg

Performance Media

Creating live performances using elements of light, sound, recordings and digital and mechanical manipulation of projections. All projects are in collaboration with Ethan Perrin.

First project is about the immobility of depression and ways to methodically overcome its effects.

Poem: Pursuit by Sylvia Plath. Read by Hannah Lienhard.

ASKO Washing Machine Care Instructions read by Agnes Villanyi.

Photos by me. From my dorm room window.

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Second project is a radio play about the places we go when listening to other people. Pie recipe by Ethan's grandmother. 

Song 1: Grape Soda by Rook1e

Song 2:  Postcards from Italy by Beirut

The final project is an extended, immersive version of the first one featuring a projection on a pool of non-newtonian fluid, a recording by Lauren Schexnayder, and the poem read by Hannah Lienhard.