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Projects Overview


Prosthesis Cover for Football

Master Graduation Project, Spring 2022

Design for Emotion, Prototyping, Design Research

This project was graded with a 9.5/10 and will be featured in the December edition of Dutch Journal of Positive Psychology in a review written by Pieter Desmet.

I designed a sports cover for a lower limb prosthesis for playing soccer. The action of putting the sports cover on signals to its wearer that the prosthesis is now fitting for exercise, facilitating a mental shift in how they view their prosthesis. Its compliant midlayer provides protection for other players on the field by dampening oncoming impact.  

Artboard 1.png

This graduation project focuses on design for children living with limb differences by prioritizing the target group as a primary source of information to design a product that serves the emotional wellbeing of its user.

Flexible Game Controller

Advanced Embodiment Design, Spring 2021

Product Experience, Formgiving, Ergonomics

Theria is an adaptive video game controller specifically designed for gamers with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The controller is ergonomically designed to allow users to game for extended periods without any discomfort, and is crafted to be a gaming device that gamers would be proud to own.

Body L.png


Split controller design process to game for extended hours


Product Experience

Defining the interaction qualities that guide all aspects of design



Iteratively designing the flexible controller body


Future of Luggage

Advanced Product Design, Spring 2019

Prototyping, Formgiving


Reimagining luggage as furniture we travel with, able to make travel spaces home. Designed to provide comfort with organic, familiar materials and forms to people immersed in a fast-paced, technology driven environment. This concept draws from one of the most recognizable moments in furniture, mid-century modern, by utilizing its materials and manufacturing techniques.


Lighting Design, Fall 2021

Experience design, prototyping

Beyond Seeing

The assignment presented at the start of this course was ‘Lighting materials and materialising light’. We designed a sensitizing exhibition to be experience before an exhibition. 

While the goal is to show the physical properties of light, light itself needs a medium to be observed. Can we imagine what light would look like if it were a solid material? 


Tross Tiling Ecosystem

Advanced Concept Design, Fall 2020

Design research, rendering, ergonomics


Client Bovatin, Dutch tilers' union, challenged us to design an ergonomic tool for tilers. To understand the cultural context of tiling, we created culture-based personas for each era of tiler. Synthesizing these findings with the client's wishes, I formulated design vision that reflects the priorities of the stakeholders. 

Designed a set of dril-attached tools a tile can use throughtout the tiling process. The magnetic connection ensures an easy attachment regardless of dust or debris. 


Solar System Yoyo


Design for Manufacturing, Spring 2018

Design for Manufacturing

Designed and manufactured 50 identical yoyos using injection molding and thermoforming methods in a group of 6.  Ensuring we hit our goal at the end of the semester meant we kept a tight control over both design and process parameters at the manufacturing stage.


and others

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