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Design for Manufacturing II, Spring 2018

Solar Sytem Yo-yo

Yoyo designed for rapid manufacturing

Designed and manufactured 50 identical yoyos using injection molding and thermoforming methods in a group of 6.  Ensuring we hit our goal at the end of the semester meant we kept a tight control over both design and process parameters at the manufacturing stage.

Final yo-yos. Outer space made by mixing auto body flakes into black plastic during molding. 

1 snap fit holds all together with the rest of the components loosely stacked to increase tolerance windows as well as save time in assembly. Drafts and components of even thicknesses ensure plastic flow in IM and minimize sink risks. 

In manufacturing, optimizing cooling times to reduce manufacturing time. 1 snap fit meant we only had to have longer cooling times in 2 components for increased dimensional accuracy. For setting injection pressure and cooling time we utilized run charts to track critical measurements of each component.

Yoyo 2_edited.jpg
Yoyo 3.jpg
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