Shorts - Design

2.009: Product Engineering Process, Academic Fall 2018

Interactive Speed Bump

A speed regulation device to collapse flat for emergency vehicles.

Worked in a team of  20 people to carry out a product from ideation to alpha prototype for the senior capstone class. 

An important consideration for our target market, municipalities, is the road excavation required for installation. We determined the footprint of our product based on the common excavation vehicles and dimensions.

Speed bump.jpg

Initial life-sized prototype of RSB. Tested outside using cars to build our final product. 

Speed bump 2.jpg

Final product. The speed bump enclosure and the interactive road sign.


Exploded view of the product assembly. 

Toy Product Design, Spring 2016

Infect It

Infectit 2.jpg

Health-themed board game aimed for children & parents.

Worked in a team of 6 to design a toy in one semester. Tested sketch models, mockups and prototypes with children in Boston Children's Museum. 

Players choose a disease character that is one of virus, tumor or bacteria and race against other diseases to have the most infected areas before the body shuts down.

My goal with this toy was to create a communication platform between young children and parents to talk about sickness, an often hard subject to talk about. The game is more targeted towards children who have a sick person around them, for the child to gain some understanding of what is going on. 
Organs are the real estate in this game. I sculpted stylized organs and cast them out of silicone to give an eerie, tissue-like texture. 

Infectit 3.jpg

Final presentation


Silicone organs with their female molds