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Summer 2016


Undergraduate Research Assistant, Summer 2016

Code Collage

Tangible Programming On Paper With Circuit Stickers 

Collaborated with Jie Qi to develop code stickers, programming construction kit that blends the functionality of programming with the materiality of paper craft. The kit is made of circuit sticker electronic modules with inputs and outputs that are connected together with conductive tapes to create computational systems.  Co-authored Code Collage: Tangible Programming on Paper with Code Stickers with Jie Qi. In Proceedings 
of the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Example code collage of city skyline that glows when the sun is blocked 

Code Collage modules: light sensor (upper left), voltage divider/tuner (lower left), record/playback module (upper right), compare (lower right). 

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Summer 2016

Paper Electronics


Research and exploration of Chibitronics Circuit Stickers applications 

Made a sketchbook with circuit stickers to explore the range in interactivity electronics add to visual art. These works bring together a little bit of coding, drawing, scrapping and lots of copper tape to create unusual paper artwork. 


Sketch 2: An aquatic themed mandala. The light patterns are triggered by a sound sensor that also responds to tapping. Underling circuit pictured on the right. 

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