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iPhone Product Design Internship


The nature of my work at Apple is confidential, so I am not able to share any specific information or images here. This page features a brief description based on current public knowledge.


I was responsible for the design, manufacturing and validation of a low quantity wireless charging accessory build. Adapted CAD for manufacturability, determined quality control & performance parameters to monitor production. Here, I collaborated with the cross functional team to inform failure analysis & material and design changes to maintain project timeline.

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I studied surface friction to inform material selection to improve the magnetic alignment of the phone and the charger. I also supported the team by designing test fixtures and developing test SOPs, carrying out tolerance and failure analysis along with creating engineering drawings in a rapid development cycle.

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I conceptualized a potential MagSafe accessory by leveraging market research and competitor teardowns. Ideated 3 variations with different complexity and size for selected user groups. Designed selected concept in CAD for prototyping.

If you would like to learn more about my experience in design engineering, you can take a look at my class projects from MIT here. Alternatively, you can check out the adaptive game controller, luggage as furniture or ergonomic tiling assistant for more of my prototyping work. 

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